Money & ID

This is the future, cash is no more, everyone operates in credits. All data is digital so no longer do we carry id’s or wallets (unless we’re hipsters), but data chips that hold all our personal information.


Credits are the form of currency used all over the world. Credits can be loaded onto ‘credsticks’, like if you had to give someone money but didn’t want to do a direct deposit. These credsticks aren’t linked to any one account and once the funds are put on some are in a data ‘limbo’ until deposited into an account. Credsticks can also be passcoded and masked so in order to access and/or even see what is on it they need to be ‘unlocked’. Alternatively one can directly transfer funds from one bank to another via their data chip (see ID’s for more on data chip). Businesses use a variation on the credstick for transactions called the cashbox. Many cashboxes have security settings that will automatically dump funds into an account or partition amounts for extraction later in order to prevent theft from lifters.

Credsticks look like a long flat SD card, but a little thicker like a USB drive, each has the ability to transmit or receive data. A cashbox is typically a panel built into a counter or computer that scans credsticks or data chips.

IDs + Data Chips

Data chips (or Dips as some of the kids call them) can be either a device similar to a credstick but a little larger or an implanted RFID chip in the arm or hand. These can be preloaded with a variety of information, typically Identification and cred information for purchases. To use one need just pass the data chip over a scanner and they are read (by a cashbox for purchases or Identity reader [ident-reader] for IDs). These chips can be preloaded with a lot of data and firewalls can be added to hide data. Many gangs use firewalls to keep their real identities a secret and their street names the main Ident, this way if they die at least they won’t die a John Doe. Some firewalls (like the ones previously mentioned) can’t be read unless the chip itself is inserted into a scrubber.