Morphazine (or Morph) – Powerful sleeping pill. Will put you in a dreamless sleep for several hours. Legal by Prescription. Addiction withdrawal effects: Insomnia.

Sandman – Street version of Morph. Powerful sleeping pill and pain killer. Will knock you out cold for several hours, you will dream and wake up with a residual high (high similar to being on X). Illegal. Addiction withdrawal effects: Tremors, Insomnia, Nerve Sensitivity.

Mezo – A pain killer. Available over the counter legally or prescription strength if prescribed by a doctor. Non-addictive.


Zerk – Powerful combat drug first used in military application, has since been discontinued and hit the street. Originally named Berserker, when the drug moved into the streets it was rechristened Zerk. Zerk is taken by injection. Causes violent outbursts, dulls pain, users say it increases strength, and endurance but really just masks the pain effects. Highly Illegal. Highly Addictive. Addiction withdrawal/long term use effects: Increased Aggression, Sexual Impotency, Sterility, Heart Enlargement, Death.

Shok – Powerful Stim, liquid form. Makes you feel awake. Increases pain tolerance. When first taken every nerve tingles (which some find painful) but then for several hours you are awake and alert like nothing else. Great sex aide in S&M. Illegal. Addiction withdrawal effects: Paranoia, Tremors, Nerve Sensitivity or Dullness, Narcolepsy.

Score – Powerful Stim, injection. Just makes you feel good. Illegal. Addiction withdrawal effects: Depression, Paranoia, Insomnia.

Warp – Stim, injection. Similar to Speed. Heightens awareness and reflexes. Illegal. Addiction withdrawal effects: Depression, Dulled Senses.

Slo-Mo – Stim pill. Gives users a feeling that the world around them has slowed down by increasing the fire rate of neural pathways. Great for sex. Addiction withdrawal effects: Suicidal Thoughts, Blackouts, Fugue States, Depression.

Endo – Still pill or injection. Jump starts a person with endorphins. Used in hospitals and by psychiatrists as a mood stabilizer. Legal with prescription. Addiction withdrawal effects: Depression, Suicide.

Recreational Drugs

Caf-sticks – Smokeless Caffeine in a cigarette. Comes in many flavors. (Think like vaping but in one use sticks). Legal, available over the counter.

Nico-stick – Smokeless nicotine cigarette. Comes in many flavors. (Think like vaping but in one use sticks). Legal, available over the counter.

Baiser de la Mort – Mort for short. Gives the impression of death. Injection. Illegal. Possible side effects: Death.

Union – Powerful hallucinogen evoking a euphoric state. Many use it in a sort of ‘vision quest’ type way. While on it the user is put into a semi-paralytic state and experiences a ‘vision’ encompassing all five senses. Powder form mixed into drinks. Illegal.

Blood of the Father – A liquid gelcap pill manufactured exclusively by the CoD. This drug will put the user in a euphoric state, increase sex drive, increase pain tolerance and actually rewires part of the brain to feel pain as pleasure. Highly Addictive, highly illegal. Addiction withdrawal effects: Confused senses (pleasure feeling as pain), Depression, Dulled senses, Sense of Loss, Suicidal thoughts. *Note* While highly addictive, the length of time between addiction and withdrawal effects are one of the best their is, a person can go months without the drug before being hit with the effects. This helps the CoD market as a ‘safer’ ‘less addictive’ drug despite the harsh withdrawal effects.


Clean Slate – Detox Enhancer. Over the course of 24 hours with forcibly dextox anyone from any drug. Legal with prescription. Very, very, very expensive.
Steraliz – A ‘birth control’ drug. Temporarily sterilizes a man or woman preventing conception. Lasts 1-5 hours depending on dosage, requires 1 hour to take effect. Legal over the counter. Very expensive, cheaper with a prescription.