Computers, the Net and AR

So in our futuristic world we live in the ‘Internet’ has become something more, something now just known as ‘The Net’. Simple but important. Most people own laptop or tablet style rigs, and there are very few desktop versions around (mostly used by hackers or programmers who need lots of long term processing power). The world is also inundated with AR, Augmented Reality.

So first, Computers. PCs are like they are now but smaller, more powerful and much more versatile (think the tablet of today but thinner). There is a universal OS and most everything runs through The Net. It actually takes a special system to be offline, however firewalls are much stronger and available to almost everyone so being online is also very secure (unless you’re skilled enough to break down those walls like members of The Wire).

Computers can be communicated with two ways. Either physically imputing data, or through datajack. Most every day people use the former while most hackers or people who utilize the computer as a function of their jobs, every day life or who want the quick input option use the datajack. A datajack is a small wireless device that you plug into a port install into the head that connects to the brain. This allows for instant communication to the computer to execute commands at the speed of thought. While some processes still take time, things like writing can occur at the speed of thought.

Anyone who uses AR devices has a datajack. AR Devices are specially designed glasses that can act as a fully functioning computer but also have an additional effect that they create a virtual environment around the wearer. Some companies tap into AR to advertise, creating floating billboards a user can select to view. AR also can act as a HUD for combat, racing, or even every day life. Some business types use it to organize their lives, keeping track of everything on a convenient portable display. The AR device communicates to your datajack and registers thought and physical movement when interacting with the AR world. So in order to ‘click’ on a banner you need to move your hand and ‘select’ it with your mind. Some high end devices allow for small movements, while cheaper designs require full arm movements.