A brief note on slang: There is some slang that is pretty common among all people, then there are some that is more common in certain circles. This does not mean that someone may not know the slang of say, the hackers, it just means they’re less likely to have come across it if they’re not in that circle- or at least not all of it. ie, Rig is more common than Hotbox.

General Slang

Augmented Reality, AR – A realistic overlap of reality where virtual, interactive displays are laid over the real world.
Avatar – A digital visual representation of the user for use in Nexus rooms. Avatars can be anything the user wants, animal, human, other. Most use a human or anthropomorphized version of an animal to cause less confusion when attempting to communicate.
Cashbox – A device used by businesses to transfer funds for purchases and other business transactions.
Creds – Credits, currency
Creditstick – A device not connected to a bank account for funds transfers or allotted amounts of credits for purchases.
Datastick – Like a credstick but for data not money.
Dip – Data Chip
Ident – Identity
Ident Reader – Identity Reader, A chip reader designed to pull ID information.
Netfreak – Someone always on The Net
Net, The – The current form of the Internet
Nexus – A VR/AR space located in the Net where people can gather to chat. Fully customizable by the owner and access can be restricted or allowed at the owners discretion. To own a Nexus you can have one build at quite a cost or purchase one at a lesser cost and design it yourself. (see Hacker Slang for more about Hacker Nexus’)

Hacker Specific Slang

Avatar – Beyond the general reason they are typically used to mark claim to successful jobs.
Bit Jockey – Programer.
Deck – See Rig. Deck is typically used when referring to a Rig that is portable.
Decker or Deckjockey – An elite hacker who typically specialized modified deck for Hacking.
Datadump – A quick download of a systems files. Many times taken at random to sort through for information later. Great to acquire passwords, usernames, ident information and other corporate secrets.
Hotbox – A highly secure system that has aggressive protocols designed to eject a hacker by sending a short circuit charge through their datajack or by attacking the hackers hardware, frequently causing an entire rig to melt.
Dark Nexus – A skilled hacker can create and program a secure Nexus ‘off the grid’. Hiding between The Net so to speak.
Rig – The hackers PC system. While a hacker can get away with a mobile device just fine, for more in depth work they tend to have multiple screens, hardware backups, various portals (tablets or laptops) running different commands, an AR rig designed for full immersion, etc.
Wilson – Idiot; Wannabe

Cyber Specific Slang

ICD – Implanted communication device.
Reject – Someone who can’t get implants due to cyber-rejection.
Vatjob – Insult for someone who has a lot of cybernetic implants.

Racer Specific Slang

Booster – Someone who steals cars.
Flashers – Police. Due to the flashing lights on their cars.
Slag – A wrecked car. Can be a verb, noun or adjective, as in “Look at that piece of Slag.” “That car is so slagged.” “I can’t believe you slagged your car.”

Drug Specific Slang

This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Criminal Specific Slang

Razor – Someone who acts as the muscle for jobs or intimidation. Sometimes loyal to one group or can be a merc-for-hire as well.