There are very little rules at the moment, as time passes more rules may be added.

  1. You must stay active. Your character should be played in the main boards (one full scene or five replies) at least once a month. If you need to go on an extended hiatus (or if you need just one character to go on hiatus) that’s fine so long as you make us aware. Everyone is allowed multiple characters so long as you can keep up with them (in the future we may add limits if need be). We don’t do activity checks but we will keep an eye on things. IRL happens, just try to keep us updated.
  2. Be respectful. I shouldn’t have to elaborate on this, but we all are here for a good time, this is just a game and while not all the -characters- will get along it is not our job to babysit players who don’t get along. Please, please, -please- don’t let in character issues overflow into your real life, it’s the one thing that will make role-playing no longer fun.
  3. All characters will be watched for ‘moding’ we expect everyone to understand that even the ‘all powerful’ characters have flaws, can die, and aren’t always perfect. If you are found being overpowered and causing problems you will be warned and then removed from the game. Remember the only characters you outright control are your own, yes people do die, but it should be up to the player of that character whether their character will be among those.
  4. We expect everyone to post in third person and past tense. Nothing is worse than trying to read two peoples posts where both the characters are referred to as ‘I’. Net posts can be in first person (are meant to be) it’s like your characters diary/social media account.
  5. You must be 18 or older to play here. I know it sounds unfair but if you’re younger you’re playing under your own knowledge not ours. Anyone who submits a character with their own age younger than 18, no matter how good the character will be automatically denied. I’m sorry, but this is meant to be a serious roleplay and that means adult stuff can happen. We’re not to be held accountable if you lie to us and get in under false pretenses and if we do find out you will be removed.
  6. All characters must have their own journal.
  7. Original characters only! Believe me we will know if you’re creating a rip from a movie/TV show/comic/book. And if you manage to make it in without me knowing and we find out later, all your characters will be removed. Inspiration is one thing, a carbon copy is something not allowed.
  8. There can always be more rules.