The Game

Do you do activity checks?

Not really, no. We will keep and eye on things and if we notice someone not active we will reach out and make sure they’re ok. If there’s no response and no activity then that person may be removed. If you have multiple characters and one is noticed as not having been played for a while we may also reach out to encourage activity with that character. But we know IRL happens and that takes priority. So long as you stay in touch when you can (or at least reply to the ‘are you still alive’ emails), you have nothing to worry about.

What is _____ like? Fictional ideas of the world.

Avatars and what it’s like to be jacked into The Net – Ready Player One

AR advertisements (Only visible with AR glasses) – Ghost in the Shell (2017) and Minority Report

AR Heads up displays (Only visible with AR glasses) – Marvel Movies/TV and Minority Report (TV Show)

The Gangs

None Yet

This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

The World

What is law enforcement like? Is there any?

Yes, there are police and local governments that have laws and what not. Many gangs do have some officials in their pockets but still have to worry about getting arrested. Many unspoken policies from officials are that gang business is gang business and unless it spills over into the civilian life it gets ignored. Not because they don’t care, but because the risk of another gang war or the loss of life with some of the gangs are too high. (And not all the gangs are violent or have large illegal dealings, see Camelot). That being said, not every police can be bought or will look the other way so gang members doing illegal stuff still have to keep their eyes open for threats when acting in the open.

Are cybernetics obvious?

Yes and no. The higher end cybernetics can look a lot more realistic than cheaper ones. Some people also like to have their cyberware showing (see the Cybermen). A ‘soft’ location like the eyes can be hard to hide, while they have some element of realism they are still clearly not natural. But a lifelike skin-graft can be purchased to cover most limb replacements and surface stuff.

Ok, so what is an Avatar exactly?

Think of an Avatar as your 3D representation in the Net. Like a character in a video game you control. Except when you’re jacked in it’s fully immersive. Because the jack hooks right into your brain you basically experience everything the Avatar experiences. Your Avatar can look like your real self, or they can be an animal, or anthropomorphic or a completely different person. Whatever you want. You can also dress your Avatar however you want and change it’s clothing.

So when are Avatars used?

Typically Avatars are used in Nexus Chat rooms. But there are other instances as well, such as online games allow you to use your custom Avatar.

Can someone without a datajack use the Net?

Yes and no. Without a datajack a person is very limited in what they can do. They can access a basic computer version of the Net, which still exists and many people use for quick daily stuff, only using their jack when they’re going into a Nexus room or hackers because jacking in processing things quicker than typing. People will also jack in to watch movies and other visual things like that because it’s a much more immersive experience. (Yes there are still normal movie theatres where you don’t jack in, but there are also virtual ones) Someone without a datajack can’t do things like, enter a Nexus chat room or anything else that would require ‘entering’ the Net. They also can’t use AR as the AR glasses, require to be plugged into a data jack to allow for interaction and data retrieval.

What is AR? How is it used? Who typically uses it?

AR is Augmented Reality. It allows a wearer of special AR glasses (which can be customized to look like almost any glasses) and view things in the world that aren’t really. It also gives the wearer a heads up display or HUD where they can access text messages, emails, and a variety of other daily applications (some require other amenities such as an ICD to see data on incoming calls). Typically the AR in the world seen are advertisements by businesses that basically ad on to their businesses locations (ie. you’re outside a Sushi restaurant and their sign is 3d and interactive. If you option to trigger the sign then you might find out their specials or get a coupon). Because your AR glasses plug into your datajack triggering things (as well as replying to texts, emails and all other programs) require just a thought.

Some programmers have created apps that provide information about the users surroundings like temperature, wind direction, GPS, blueprints for buildings (if listed publicly), etc. Some of these are easy to acquire while others can be a bit more pricey. Some can be illegal like those that install a facial recognition into the HUD. Some clubs also use AR to add effects to the world like lights, bubbles, confetti, etc to the world. AR is very versatile and those who use it tend to see a completely different world than the rest. (See: Ghost in the Shell advertisements for an exaggerated example of what someone might see in AR, here and here.)

Note: Cyber eyes can be adapted to have AR capability that can be turned on or off.

What is school like?

For the sake of simplicity, school is just like it is now. But more high tech. Everyone regardless of their income has access to some sort of computer.