The Wire

The Wire is a group of cyber-hackers who specialize in cyber-terror. They like to monitor the city through the inter-city video network and were one of the main forces in the treaty. The Wire prides themselves on ‘clean’ crime, getting paid as hackers for higher and similar jobs are how they make their money.

Leaders: The Top Five
Headquarters: Zzyxx Cyber Cafe
Territory: Blue Zone

  • Organization
  • Business
  • Recreation
  • Weapon of Choice
  • Member Selection
  • Colors

The Wire is run by a group of five who generally decide which jobs to take and which not to; while every member is free to take outside jobs any that require more than one hacker are always run past the top five, and any that are solo are expected to a) not be so large as to bring attention to the group, b) not be against a fellow hacker c) not get you caught.

The top five hackers who rule over The Wire are determined through a test of skills. Any member may wish to challenge and take the test to prove their worthiness, however if they don’t beat the test, or the time of the top five then they risk being banished from The Wire. The test is a series of encryption each designed by the top hackers in the world that are all protecting a single file. No one knows exactly how many layers of encryption there are. In record the the farthest anyone has gone down is 350 levels (he now sits in the number one spot in The Wire). If someone challenges and takes the test they are not only judged by how many encryption they can get through, but also how long it takes them.

White collar crime is their joy. They prefer things that are simple and come away with a high reward. They’ve been known to release their services to others when requested (if approved) but find great joy in blackmailing some business man for thousands, or siphoning off the top of an account executive’s business fund.

While everyone has their own forms of relaxation, many members of The Wire participate in online MMORPG’s as well as challenge each other on fire walls and other security systems.

A Cyber-Virus. All members of The Wire know how to use a gun, but they prefer to refrain and avoid physical violence when necessary.

Anyone can join The Wire so long as they can pass the entrance exam which is a test of one’s computer and hacking skills. If you pass, you’re in.


Again, there is no set uniform for this gang, but their color is blue. Gang owned businesses, member owned and non-member owned businesses all waive a blue flag or the following symbol in their shops:


Member Rules


Wire up or go home.

The contract for the wire is an 88 page contract outlining the way to progress, division of funds and data as well as the procedure to challenge for the Top Five. It also includes things like procedures for how to obtain legal help, regulations over how the group funds are handled and other housekeeping type referendums. All members are expected to read and sign digitally with their real name and code name. Whenever there is an update or change to the way things are done then all members are expected to sign an addendum which is attached digitally to their existing contract. There is also stipulations about what will happen if someone violates the contract or wants to end it.

  • The Top Five
  • Sub-Council
  • Senior Members
  • Members
  • Loyal Non-Members
  • Win their spots by taking the challenge into the Top Five.
  • Are expected to settle disputes between members.
  • Are expected to arrange elite jobs for members.
  • Are responsible for managing the groups funds and legal issues through their non-hacker sub-council.
  • Vote to authorize runs (majority rules).
  • Receive 60% of all monetary funds received from runs they organize.
  • Receive 5% of all monetary funds from all runs by the group.
  • After runners, gets first grab from any data dumps.
  • Must attend all group related functions& meetings.
  • Technically not members of The Wire.
  • Consist of four lawyers (each specialized in different aspects of the law), five accountants, two private investigators and ten cops on the payroll.
  • The appropriate members manage any legal issues that may arise in the group (group members are only covered if on a group sanctioned run and they didn’t completely blaze it).
  • The appropriate members manage the groups financial gains and keep them secure, safe and hidden from the government and outside hackers.
  • Must be nominated by a member of The Top Five (typically members are nominated to be senior by pulling off a good run or proving invaluable to the group).
  • Must present one group run every quarter to The Top Five for approval (they don’t have to necessarily run it themselves, just plan it and staff it).
  • Get to retain 45% of all monetary funds from runs they organize.
  • Get 1% of all monetary funds from all runs by the group.
  • After runners, gets second grab from all data dumps (in order of seniority),
  • Must attend all group related functions& meetings.
  • Must present one group run every month to The Top Five for approval.
  • Get to retain 20% of all monetary funds from runs they organize.
  • Get .5% of all monetary funds from all runs by the group.
  • After runners, gets third grab from all data dumps (in order of seniority),
  • Must attend all group related functions& meetings.
  • Businesses must fly a loyalty flag or symbol in their window.
  • Homes and Businesses must welcome members who seek shelter (within reason).
  • Expected to report non-wire gang activities to the club.
  • Can call upon The Wire for assistance when needed.