The Cybermen are the most violent group in New Dublin. No one in the group is without some sort of cybernetic enhancement, and a few are on a quest to slowly replace themselves with machine parts believing it to make them better (when outsiders view it as making them less). They’re feared for their intimidation techniques and their lack of hesitation when it comes to violence. While others jumped on board with the treaty, the Cybermen kinda signed out of self preservation. They felt that with all the other groups allied up their tactics wouldn’t be stood for any longer.

Leaders: None
Headquarters: Lefty’s Pub
Territory: Red Zone
Historic Memebers:

  • Marcus ‘Lefty’ McMillan was a former top dog in the Cybermen, it’s actually his name on the treaty. He’s the last known ‘real’ leader of the Cybermen. He stepped down and opened a pub for his mates after cyber rejection took his mods and his left arm, hence the ironic nickname ‘Lefty’.
  • Organization
  • Business
  • Recreation
  • Weapon of Choice
  • Member Selection
  • Colors

There’s a few who would call themselves leaders, but they’re just joking themselves. It’s basically a ‘who’s is bigger’ fight when it comes to decision making where the one with the most upgrades, and the strongest fortitude reigns over the anarchy. There are a few who tend to win authority more often than not, and are looked up to by the others. Most money that comes into the group is spent without making it back to the group, jobs are split between those doing it which can cause some frustration for business owners on the protection racket, while there’s supposed to be a system in place, sometimes a place can get hit up more than once in a cycle.

They have a lovely little protection racket going on in the red zone. They also lend their services as muscle for hire, and bodyguards. They will try almost anything once, but not many have a flair for the ‘discreet’ so most jobs tend to be more physical. They also have a profitable numbers game, taking bets on a variety of sports and events.

More cyberwear! Ok so maybe that’s not a recreational sport, most Cybermen hang out and play pool or some other such sport. A few are skaters or bikers. Some just like to veg in front of the TV. A number find recreation in shaking down establishments for protection funds.

Cybermen are known for using their fists, quite a few of them having upgrades that increase strength. They’re brutes and are inclined to use brutish weapons. They don’t shy away from guns, knifes, chainsaws, chair legs.. basically if it can be wielded, they’ll use it.

It’s simple, you got an implant, replacement or some other form of cyberwear? You a Cyberjunkie? You’re in.


The only ‘uniform’ of the Cybermen is cyberwear. However, their group does tend to stick to the color red, as is their territory and loyalty color. Businesses owned by the Cybermen, Cybermen members and non-members who pledge loyalty (or force pledge as the case may be) all have a red flag in their windows or this symbol:


Member Rules


Brothers above all.

I will not betray a brother.
I will not step on a brother.
I am the brotherhood.
I am a Cyberman.

  • Members
  • People in territory
  • Each member has a right to claim a territory to run. Members can group to run territories.
  • If you want a piece of a territory it is up to the member running it (for a price).
  • Don’t impose on other members territories.
  • All members pay 30% of all takes to the brotherhood.
  • If a member is in trouble, others members are obligated to help out when possible.
  • All members are expected to attend meetings and parties.
  • You fuck up the clubhouse, you get fucked up.
  • Loyal Businesses must fly a loyalty flag or symbol in their window.
  • Homes and Businesses must welcome members who seek shelter.
  • Expected to report non-Cybermen gang activities to the brotherhood.
  • Loyal Business owners must pay 15% of all earnings to the brotherhood.
  • Non-Loyal Businesses owners will be shaken down for 45% of all earnings.