Children of Darkness

The Children of Darkness is a gang that prides themselves on terror. They often are referred to as goths and vampires, those who call them wannabes typically take it back quite quickly. They pride themselves on appearance and are the most selective out of the gangs (save for The Wire) when it comes to new members.

Leaders: ‘Father’
Headquarters: Warehouse #5
Territory: Black Zone

  • Organization
  • Business
  • Recreation
  • Weapon of Choice
  • Member Selection
  • Colors

The Children of Darkness are ruled by a single individual who goes by the nickname ‘Father’ or ‘Darkness’. He’s seen as the ‘creator’ of all his children. Father has his chosen pets who tend to hold a greater position than others and aren’t ones to be crossed. There are many minions that serve various jobs such as dealers, prostitutes, soldiers etc.

The COD own many businesses throughout their territory, from nightclubs and bars to art studios and theatres.

COD tend to enjoy ruling over their territory more than focusing on crime. However, their main source of income is through dealing drugs and prostitution. COD is the largest dealer of drugs in New Dublin.

The Children of Darkness tend to take their roles as ‘creatures of the night’ a bit too seriously sometimes, participating in blood letting and some questionable sexual acts, they can also be very tame in their play. They enjoy Role-Playing (in a variety of ways) and the theatre. Of course every individual has their own likes and dislikes as well.

Children of Darkness tend to use non-lethal blunt weaponry like staffs and canes in a fight, but won’t shy from gun play when needed.

Children of Darkness tend to only bring in new members who fit an appearance standard, judged by Father or his pets. If someone wishes to bring in a new member they must be presented to Father, and if approved there is a blood sharing ritual that is performed. Only the most beautiful get into the gang.


While there is no uniform for the gang, most do dress in darker colors or just black. Businesses owned by the CoD, CoD members or non-members who have loyalty to the CoD typically have a black flag or this symbol in their window:


Member Rules


One with all.

I accept the gift of the Father.
I vow my loyalty to my new family.
I will not act against my brothers and sisters but I will act with them for the betterment of the family.
Should I betray the family I will accept any punishment deemed worthy.
(Father: With this vow my son/daughter you will be reborn. [Member drinks] Welcome my son/daughter)
I am reborn. One with all.

  • Pets
  • Club Employees
  • Elite Members
  • Other Members
  • Loyal Non-Members
  • Are chosen by Father.
  • May speak on Fathers behalf.
  • Must not abuse position.
  • Must come if called upon by Father.
  • Must attend all club related functions.
  • Must come if called on by Father or those who speak for Father.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Membership in the Children of Darkness required.
  • Expected to work hours assigned, and other job related criteria.
  • Must attend all club related functions (will typically work them).
  • Must attend all club meetings (unless working).
  • Must come if called on by Father or those who speak for Father.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must have been promoted by Father.
  • Expected to run assigned businesses (ie. Drug runners, prostitution, etc)
  • Must attend all club related functions.
  • Must attend all club meetings.
  • Must come if called on by Father or those who speak for Father.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age (prospective children are considered loyal non-members).
  • Must abide by the chain of command and follow Elite members orders.
  • Expected to work assignments given (ie. Drug making, drug running, prostitution, etc)
  • Must attend all club related fuctions
  • Must attend all club meetings.
  • Those who join before taking their vow are called Initiates. Vow ceremonies are done every quarter. Most Initiates remain so for 3-6 months depending on if they’ve proven their loyalty to the family.
  • Businesses must fly a loyalty flag or symbol in their window.
  • Homes and Businesses must welcome members who seek shelter (within reason).
  • Expected to report non-CoD gang activities to the club.
  • Can call upon the Children for assistance when needed.
  • Business owners must pay 5% of all CoD related earnings and 1% of general earnings to the club.