Not everyone in New Dublin is entrenched in gang life, actually New Dublin is a very prosperous city. There are all sorts of social hang outs such as; bars, clubs, dance halls, laundromats, arcades, skate parks, parks, bike paths, etc. and other business locations such as; law firms, stock traders, computer manufacturing, etc. New Dublin is a very versatile city.

Now when it comes to loyalty to a gang, normally you’ll find the smaller shops, normally ‘mom and pop’, pledge loyalty over the bigger business, white collar ones. A business would pledge loyalty for various reasons from debt, friendship and honor to fear, intimidation and extortion. Most businesses have some sort of a signal, like a color or design in a window that is known by those who know as a loyalty marker. Members of the loyal gang can normally find a number of things from one of these businesses, from relaxation to shelter/cover when fleeing the law, free stuff or even free money (depending on the location and the gang).

It should also be said that there are a few doctors in town who cater to the different gangs for a small fee and have a ‘no questions asked’ policy.


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