The People


A group of street kids turned street protectors. Inspired by myths of King Arthur and his knights they protect their territory while teaching others how to protect themselves. Their sub-group is called The Hoods, inspired by Robin Hood, they steal from the wealthy corrupt and give to the less fortunate (keeping a cut for the group as well).

Chidren of Darkness

A cult like gang of Goths, Emo kids, ‘vampires’ and outcasts. All coming together under one Father figure who protects them all. The COD deal in drugs, prostitution, the night life, etc. Located on the docks, they are the partying club kids of the gang world.


The Cybermen are augmented street thugs who have an unhealthy obsession with replacing themselves with cybernetics. They’re closest to your traditional ‘Mafia’ style crime (protection racket and bookies), without the leadership organization. Small leaders rise up occasionally when necessary, and certain members serve specific functions (like bookie, treasurers, soldier, etc), but typically all members just contribute out of support for the group and big decisions are voted on.

Sixth Street Rats

The SSR started as a group of street racers, but eventually branched out into high end car theft. Racing is still an important part of the groups lifestyle and regular races take place, but the real money comes from the export of stolen vehicles and parts.

The Wire

White collar crime at it’s finest. The Wire is a group of hackers that banded together for a common cause. Ever wanting to show each other up, members participate in a number of cyber crimes from outright theft to blackmail, extortion and fraud (like framing the CEO of a company for money laundering).


There are many in New Dublin who don’t choose one group over another. These are deemed ‘neutrals’ and many are normal every day people just going about their lives. However, some work with or in some cases against the gangs in a neutral capacity such as cops, doctors, lawyers, etc.