New Dublin


The year is 2074. The place is New Dublin. For the last three years the city has known peace. That on February 14th, 2074, that peace was broken. Now the tensions between the gangs have hit their breaking point, all bets are off.

But to know where things are, you have to know how it happened. New Dublin is a major harbor city made up of an amalgam of different cultures, races, traditions, tech. One thing it’s also made up of is gangs. Some say the city was established by gangs. For years gangs fought other gangs and people got in the crossfire. That was until the ceasefire and treaty signed in 2071. Five main gangs were given zones in the city to ‘rule’ over. Each had their own specialties and they knew better than to step on the others toes. As smaller gangs rose they were squashed and the peace lasted three years.

That is until Valentine’s Day. In the weeks leading up to the 14th, a new type of drug hit the street, the news named it ‘Kiss’ because those who took it were often kissed by death. The first death was a member of Camelot. Then the Sixth Street Rats. Eventually all the major gangs had at least one member drop except the Children of Darkness. The other gangs blamed the drug dealing gang and attacks started. Then on Valentine’s day at a party in the lower level of Warehouse 5, everyone was dosed with Kiss and died, 67 patrons. Having believed they’d been set up from the beginning the Children of Darkness started to fight back.

While the Treaty has been called off, daily life in New Dublin does need to continue. Territories are guarded even more closely but business goes on. Some deals between gangs still exist (ie. CoD escorts can still meet clients in The Wire territory), many have been called off. Neutral zones are on edge, but are sometimes the only place two gangs can do business.

In this new world of turmoil and war where do you stand? Are you a loyal warrior for your gang or a pawn just hoping to keep his head down and survive? Or are you an average citizen trying not to get caught up in the crossfire? Who will win the war? Can the treaty be saved? That’s up to you.